OK, OK… This is not our standard blog post, but more of a rant at a new trend that’s hitting Irish streets – that being the “Sporty Pantless Look”. Now this might sound like I’m “censoring” women, but I’m not. I’m just simply one of the many people in the world who has been convinced that the societal convention to wear pants/trousers/any type of bottoms is appropriate and well, gosh darn it, expected. And not in a “the system told me to way” but in a “I don’t want to be forced to think of you naked” kind of way.

So this new trend that seems to be sweeping the nation, (and by nation, I do mean pre-pubescent and pubescent teenage girls, who let’s face it, think of themselves as the nation anyways) involves wearing sports jerseys/tanks/t-shirts.

I know what you’re thinking, “woo, girls wearing non-gendered clothing. I’m all up for that!” But no, I fear it is not that simple. It seems that along the way while teenage girls decided to begin adopting this supposedly gender neutral attire, they forgot their pants.

Yes, they are simply wearing the jerseys.


Now, they are oversized. I’m not trying to say these girls are going around with tops that stop at their midriff (although, it hasn’t been far off this sometimes…), but apparently there simply isn’t any room for pants in this trend. It’s like wearing a short shift dress, except the dress is a top. And makes you think that they girls are naked. Or at least, it makes me think of them naked. Which I’d rather not, thanks.

Right, so I’m not censoring. Of course they can wear what the hell the want to, it’s all good. But aside from not wanting to look at teenage girls and thinking “SHE FORGOT HER PANTS, SOMEONE TELL HER”, what I don’t get is the aesthetic part of this whole trend. I mean, it’s not like a short dress in appearance. It doesn’t look like you’re just showing off your legs. It just looks like you’ve forgotten to put your pants on.

I’ve a few theories why this trend took off:

1)      There’s the look about it that screams, “I don’t care what I look like, so I just grabbed my boyfriends old sports jersey”, which has been known to carry sex appeal with it so perhaps this is the look that they’re going for? Except this often doesn’t work when it becomes a mainstream fashion trend, because, well, nobody is going to

dream up this scenario about every girl they see sporting this look when about twenty pass them a day.

2)      So, perhaps it has something to do with showing a guy you’re sporty side, catching his interest by showing him that you share the same interests. Except, I have to say, my above theory applies to this theory as well.

3)      This leaves me to think that perhaps, just perhaps, the trend started off with the ever frustrating celebrity copy-cat tendency of the young.

rihanna-rtaWhatever the reason, I don’t think I’ll be going for the pantsless look anytime soon. Would you be brave enough to sport this trend?


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